Bugatti Chiron - Post Malone

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Bugatti Chiron - Post Malone

This is truly a car that seems to have no limit. 


Today I had the experience to capture this beautiful Bugatti Chiron which was at PFAFF Reserve. It's currently for sale, and today's goal was to make content about the car and bring more attention to it (in the hopes to get it sold soon). What's interesting is that a car like this may even be sold to someone across the world, not just to someone in the Toronto area. 

Around the Chiron was a GT3RS, Senna, a 720S and a few others, but really you barely noticed these because everyone was so fixed on the main star of the show - the Chiron. It's interesting how this car will automatically raise the bar in whichever location it is. 

This was my third time seeing a Chiron in person, but the first time I would have hands-on experience to take unobstructed shots of it and all of its many details. Literally anywhere you look at this machine there is an elegant detail to capture. From the elegant name in the taillights, the prisms in the grilles, and the many C shaped designs. in the door panel, centre console, trim, and many other places.


I decided to go with a colour grading that only highlighted the red and white colours in this Chiron as they were the most dominant throughout. I hadn't shot inside of a dealership before so this was one of my first experiences, and I am very satisfied with the way these turned out.  The editing experience was really rewarding too - when you can develop these and not have to worry about taking an entire crowd out of the background.  



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